How much space do I need?

Disk Space is similar to the hard drive space on your home computer. Your disk space limit decides how many files you can hold on your website. Every file, image, video, email, log, and database counts towards your quota also called disk space limit. The amount of disk space you will need depends on the type of site you want to make or have. A video site typically needs a lot of space. Also if you have a lot of little files you still need a large disk space to handle the number of files, not just the file size. Most sites and blogs use between 500 megabytes and 3 gigs of space. Some sites like YouTube use millions of gigs. So you can see how the size needed can fluctuate drastically. Find more details here: Disk Space

  1.  Calculate what your disk space needs might be.
  2. If you have your site you can just click the folder and check the size.
  3. If you are building a new site you can work with averages of 500-3000 MB
  4. If you want to be more exact it will take a little math as shown below.

Audio File Sizes:

1 hour = 30 MB

5 minutes = 7 MB

0.50 seconds = 259 KB

Photos File Sizes: (Based on 640×480 px)

8000 photos = 1 GB

500 photos = 64 MB

125 photos = 17 MB

Video File Size Examples:

90 minute .mp4 movie = 700-2000 MB

1 minute .mp4 video from camera = 75 MB

5 minute slide-show = 100 MB

Add up how many media files you will have and include about 500 MB for everything else and you should have a pretty good estimate what you will need.

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