Add your free WordPress CDN with ease!

Now that we have LiteSpeed up and running you can take advantage of their free CDN. It will increase your WordPress speed and take some CPU load and resource off your server. It's a win-win for everyone and it's free for most websites.  Here is a quick article on how to add the free LiteSpeed CDN to ... Read More »

11th Feb 2024
We highly recommending to change your WordPress cache program to Litespeed

It's really exciting to have Litespeed up and running on our shared servers. Not all are converted yet. but we are upgrading them quickly. To take full advantage of Litespeed you need to add the Litespeed plugin into your WordPress. We have suggested WP-Optmize before but we are now suggesting to replace that and any other caching program with ... Read More »

1st Feb 2024
CPanel and LiteSpeed price raise

CPanel has raised all their prices again. We have changed our prices to reflect their changes. We still sell cPanel and related services at our cost, plus a small card processing fee. We are sorry for the price increase from cPanel and have sent them concerns about overpricing it. Hopefully, they stay with a consistent price for now or lower it in ... Read More »

16th Dec 2023
Our new free SEO tools are active

Our new free SEO tools are available to use. We have 22 helpful SEO tools and website helpers. These services tend to cost money or are bundled with other services that you wouldn't use. Our idea is to have each one separately and for free so you don't have to sift through information you are not looking for. Please stop by and try them out ... Read More »

30th Nov 2023
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