How is your web hosting so fast?

They're many things that have to be done every day, to be one of the fastest web hosting services available. Here is a quick list of some of the things that help keep us running amazingly fast, day after day.

1. The most expensive is our blended tier 1 network. Since 2001 we have removed slow networks while adding new faster networks. We now have a blend of the fastest and most reliable networks from all over the world.

2. We run much fewer websites on each server than on most web hosts. This means top speeds at almost 100% of the time for any website we host.

3. Top-of-the-line hardware is very important for web hosting. Our servers are running 24/7 at high speeds. This means we need the best hardware to stay running at 100% as much as possible. It also means our servers need redundancy in case a hard drive or fan has an issue. 

4. Our experienced and talented system administrators are essential to keeping everything going at peak levels. This includes optimizing smart firewalls, kernel optimization, back-end tweaks, custom server scripts, and advanced cooling technology. These all make for the best benchmarking performance in all aspects of web hosting.

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