How do I add a website logo in the Instant Website Builder?

You can easily add or change a website logo. From Left Toolbar go to SETTINGS > Logo and Website Title, it's where you can set your website title (it's required even if you want to show the logo only, it'll be used in META tags, e-mails, and a few more locations)
There's an option to show the website name and logo or to show the website logo only, if your logo contains the website name already.
It's possible to customize the way your logo shows in the website header, there's a shortcut to the Menu Designer section below your logo thumbnail, but you can access it from Left Toolbar > DESIGN > Menu Designer > Menu Title/Logo. In Menu Designer, you can set your logo's maximum height, and spacing around it, you can also make your logo appear in its line instead of in the same line as the website menu.
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