Why is Web Host Pro a better web host?

There are a lot of web hosts so it's hard to say we are the best for everyone or even you. We do believe in being in business since 2001, and with the webmaster talent we have, you will get better performance, better support, and a lower price for the quality you'll get.

Better performance: Web Host Pro has the lowest number of websites per server than our main competitors. Some have thousands of websites on a server that is not as powerful as ours. Our servers are higher powered and have about 1-300 websites on average. Not only do you get more power from this, but you also get better consistent reliability.

Support: Most web hosts are run by a board of directors with one goal. make money. This means support is done by the lowest-paid employees who will do enough for you to not quit. At Web Host Pro we are run by the people that work here. Not only are they paid better and part of the infrastructure, but they also have profit share and personal training from the owners who have been here since 2001.

Lower price: Most larger web hosts got that big from tricky upsells, massive marketing, and hidden fees. They lose money on their marketing vs the hosting customer fees in hopes of tricking them out of more money later. Sometimes they even sell your information. We can charge less because we don't do major advertising. 80% of our new customers come from word of mouth. This is why you will never see tricky promotions and aggressive upsells—just the lowest price, for the best support and performance available.

Still not 100% sure? Don't worry, we have a full 45-day money-back guarantee on all Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and our Instant Website Builder

Reference: Why Us?


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