Do you recommend a 3rd party system administration service?

Yes, hiring a system admin can help a lot with things like security, moving websites, customizing software, optimizing the website, setting up servers, and VPS. The risky aspect to a 3rd party system admin is that they will have full access to your website and/or server, so it's important to be able to trust the person or company you use. We have used several system admin services and the one we trust the most at this point is Admin Ahead. I'm sure there is more trusted third party system admin services, and easy things like site moving can be done from a single professional off Fiverr for example. We recommend that If you are going to give the admin full server access and will use them more than one time, you should consider Admin Ahead. They generally charge $35 a month per server or website, and in some cases like setting up custom dedicated servers , VPS, and moving websites, we can help cover the costs.

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