WordPress has a new theme, and we love it!

It's official, WordPress's new theme Twenty Twenty-Two is now live and ready for use. We particularly like this theme because WordPress is getting closer to a website builder than a blogging platform by default. It allows for more theme modifications than any other theme from WordPress and it's looks great right from the start. You may notice we ... Read More »

25th Jan 2022
Imagick is now compatible with PHP 8

For websites using PHP 8 the most recent and highest performing version of PHP, you can now use imagick with it. Before, the highest version to allow imagick was PHP 7.4 If you want to try PHP 8, just log into your cPanel and click the PHP selector icon. There you can change between several versions of PHP. When you change a version, the site ... Read More »

20th Nov 2021
New cPanel hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers in Amsterdam

The prices are the same as our US services with a small EU fee added. We use the same round robin DNS, cloud bouncers, and global tier 1 networks in our Amsterdam facility as we do in the US. Everything will work very similar to our US facilities. The main difference is the content and IP will be based in Amsterdam.

23rd Sept 2021
We've increased our affiliate link commission

Hello, We've upgraded our referral credit to 20% of all ongoing service billing for new customers referred through your affiliate link. You can activate the affiliate program and get your link from here:  https://webhost.pro/affiliates.php There's also banners with your affiliate code ready to cut and paste. We have more banner sizes ... Read More »

23rd Sept 2021
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