Our new and improved web builder is coming soon!

Our new web builder is in the final stages and looks amazing, bug free, and as always.. easy to use. Do to RV Site Builder not fixing the bugs and issues they have had ongoing, we have been working on a new web builder. We have always liked how simple RV is to use, but if it's not stable, it's not worth using long term. The great news is that we ... Read More »

19th Mar 2019
We're updating our website code today! It can look funny.

We're updating all pages on our site to work with some new features. This means for a couple hours, you will see some color changes and formatting errors. We should have the updates added and the code matched up correctly by the end of today. All functions will still work the same. It's just for looks!

5th Mar 2019
Prefer using a credit card on file for auto pay?

Now customers with a long history with Web Host Pro can add a credit card on file for auto payments. This will allow for easier payments when due dates approach and easier control over updated cards when needed. If you would like this please add a ticket in the billing department to change your account. We'll update it right away!

13th Feb 2019
Security updates today.

We got a alert of a quick patch needed to the Linux Kernel. We added this to all servers today which might of caused a brief hiccup in the process.

7th Feb 2019