TOS update

We've updated our TOS to include some additional details on our definition of SPAM and our process if SPAM is sent within a service.

27th Dec 2022
VPS and Dedicated servers should be upgrade to the Jupiter theme soon

CPanel made an announcement this month that it will discontinue support for the Paper Lantern theme. Luckily it's easy to upgrade to the new Jupiter theme server wide. To migrate all accounts to Jupiter, you can navigate to WHM » Multi Account Functions » Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts You can also do it via the command line with this ... Read More »

15th Dec 2022
Like to text?

Web Host Pro now can send and receive text messages through our main phone number: 213 984 4678 (HOST) This is a great way to schedule a call back or send a fast message to our support staff. For issues that require working on your account, support tickets are still the best form of support. But feel free to text us if you're in a hurry after ... Read More »

19th Oct 2022
We extended our termination time frame

If an account is not paid, it will go into suspension after 10 days past due. It won't be terminated until 45 days after it's due, this is 18 days longer than before. If you ever can't pay your bill or might need to be gone for a long time, just let us know. We're here to build a relationships, not just take your payments.

20th Sept 2022
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