Support Pin

Adding a support pin can be very helpful, for example it's the easiest way for us to verify that you own the account. This can also help you save time and even help you get out of a bind. If you lost your password and the email on file is not longer active having your support pin can help us verify your account and get you the new log in details fast. Without the support pin we have to verify a lot or personal details, which takes time and can seem intrusive.

We don't want to use your time or get any of your details, but without a support pin we have to be sure you are the owner before we can give any secure information or make changes on the account. This is to make sure your account is safe which is our number one priority.

On a side note we do recommend not making your pin 1234 or 1111. Try to make it at least a little tricky, this way people can't guess it.

If you have any questions please let us know and thanks for reading!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

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