Box Trapper is being phased out per Spam blacklists taking the reply email as a form of Spam. This is getting the servers blacklisted with Spam lists.

We added more option in Spam Assassin that will allow for more Spam protection. There is also third party services like that have Spam box formats if you still want to use that type of protection. The new Spam Assassin system will allow for full protection and cannot be bombarded by Spammers to have the reply email used as spam.

The issue with Spam box is that Spammers send thousands of emails to the Spam box account so the reply email is sent to Honey pot Emails This is getting the servers blocked in Spam lists. There is no way to stop this type of attack and thousands of servers have been black listed from this all over the Internet.

We are always finding new ways to block Spam and with Spam Assassin’s new SpamAssassin Spam Box delivery you can control over Spam without losing any good emails.

We will keep Spam Box on one server in case a customer feels they cannot live without it. We do highly recommend not using it anymore though.

Thank you for your understanding!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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