Over the next week we will be upgrading MySQL to version MySQL 5.6, we currently run version MySQL 5.5. The new version released in February 2013 has many upgraded options like:
  • Improved optimizer for all-around query performance.
  • Improved InnoDB for higher transactional throughput.
  • New NoSQL-style memcached APIs.
  • Improved partitioning that helps query and manage huge tables.
  • Several replication improvements.
  • Expanded the data available through the PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA, and improved performance monitoring.
  • Does not support the User Statistics feature.
If you have any software that may need MySQL 5.5 we will keep a legacy server available that you can transfer to by request. All updated software will work with the newer version and perform better. There is an even newer version of MYSQL called MariaDB 10.0 that was released in March of 2014. We will upgrade to that version around the summer of 2017. The time after the release is make sure scripts are going to work with that version and that any bugs will be fixed in minor versions before it's used in production.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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