With the economy at such an unpredictable time, it's hard to say what will happen six years from now or even in six months. So far though, all the main reports from the top economists have favored in more Internet business activity. They have also said more work from home activity. This means great things are coming around the corner for website owners, once the economy stabilizes more.



Foy’s main concern is the future of retail will be forever altered moving forward as owners are pushed toward the internet. 

“I think in the long run, we’re on the cusp of a change in business strategies for retail,” Foy said. “I think that comes with the internet breathing down our necks for the last few years and it’s not getting any easier.”

With the ease of online ordering, including food and alcohol, people are more likely to take that route.

“I think that has a snowball effect and that’s the one thing that bothers me,” Foy said. “We’re doing OK but I haven’t adjusted to the way retail is being challenged.”

Friday, June 19, 2020

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