Wordpress is now the most hacked software on the Internet. The good news is it's easy avoid this by just putting in a little work. The main reason Wordpress gets hacked is because it's not updated. To update just log into your control panel and you will see an update link to do this automatically. Our App installer also has an auto update option we highly recommend using. The next most important thing is to not use plug-ins that are not listed on the Wordpress site. Hackers use bad plug-ins second to sites that are not updated.

If you do get hacked, don't panic! It's pretty easy to fix. First download your database and your WP-Content folder. Then erase everything in the blog folder and install a new Wordpress. Next import the database and upload the WP Content folder. Make sure there is no .php files in the WP Content folder (this is very important).

I don't mean to scare anyone I just see this issue when it could be easily avoided.

Also always keep backups!

Friday, January 23, 2015

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