Feature ShowcaseThe system added new features during this cPanel & WHM upgrade. You can enable some of these features directly in this interface. Select “Enable” next to the features that you wish to use and, then click “Save Settings” at the bottom of the interface.

Feature Spotlight

DNSSEC Clustering and User Experience Improvements More Information

Servers that use PowerDNS and cPanel DNS Clustering now support DNSSEC. Also, the cPanel DNSSEC interface now provides more options when you create and manage DNSSEC keys. To get your DNS Cluster ready to use DNSSEC, visit WHM’s DNS Cluster interface and check for any necessary updates.

New Feature

Block Emails By Country Or Domain

We added two new interfaces to WHM. You can now block emails that originate from certain countries or domains. To block these email messages, use the following interfaces: WHM’s “Filter Emails by Country” and “Filter Emails by Domain” interfaces.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

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