CPanel shocked us with a drastic price increase on all licenses. The pricing structure now is very different.

  • Up to 5 accounts: Admin licenses are $19.00 a month
  • Up to 30 accounts: Pro licenses are $29.00 a month
  • Up to 100 accounts: Premier licenses are $45.00 a month with additional accounts at $0.20 each

We're suggesting if you can no longer afford cPanel, move the VPS or Server to a shared reseller account. We have prices here:

You will need the AdvancedR2 or ExtremeR2 reseller plans if you need a lot of power for your websites. 

You can also move websites to addon domains and keep less than 5 cPanel accounts, this would make the payment $19 instead of $29. You can also change to Plesk a lower-priced control panel that is a little harder to use. You would get a Plesk license and support directly from them at this time.

There are other control panels as well like:

If you choose a new control panel, we will set up a new VPS or server for free so you can set up the new control panel and transfer everything over. You might want to see if the control panel has a way to transfer from a cPanel server.


Thursday, July 4, 2019

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