In about four months Google's Chrome browser will show an "unsecure message" for any website that does not have SSL installed. The good news is Web Host Pro gives free basic SSL certs for all domains. Simply go to your website with a https:// in front to make sure it's working correctly. It will show a "secure" message in green if everything is correct.

The most common error is that some websites have SSL, but have content linked to unsecured locations. This will still show an error. For example; if you have an image linked with http:// in the front apposed to a https:// in the front it will give an SSL error and not sure the green secured message. If you use Chrome you can right click the page and in the top right corner it will show any errors with an X icon. You can click the error icon or scroll down to the bottom right for a list of any mixed content or errors.

In most cases you won't need to do anything, but double checking that your SSL is working can't hurt!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

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