It's very rare to have any websites issue. I just have a safer the better mentality. With that said, I wanted to list the top ways to keep your website extra safe.

1. Change your password every six months or so. Also if possible, use a different password for each website. A neat trick is to simply add something about the website to your normal password. For example, if your favorite password was "huckleberry" you could add something like this for Web Host Pro; "huckleberryWHP" or "hucklyWhpberry". This way you don't have to track down your password file for each site. You want to create a system that's unique to you. I know someone who uses the number above the letter on their keyboard. So with this example for Web Host Pro it would be "hucklyberry260". 

Even if you don't have a unique password for each site I would highly recommend changing your password to something new every six months.

2. Make sure your scripts, apps, and plug ins are up to date. This is number one way hackers can break into sites. Simply from having an old Wordpress version or plugin they can run a script kiddy hack and if lucky break in. Now if you forgot to update for a couple months don't worry. This is more for scripts and apps over eight months old.

3. Make backups often. This is the most important of the three because even if they do somehow get your password or use an old version of Wordpress to break in you're still safe. There is no better security than to have multiple backups of your entire website. With cPanel it's easy too. Just use the back up wizard and it will download your whole site, email, and databases right to your computer. It's also nice to just have an older version in case you mess of some source code playing with your site. Something I'm very familiar with.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, January 19, 2018

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