Customer Comments


From over 20 years

These are some real comments taken from customer emails and tickets. We did not ask or bait for any of these comments. We're truly appreciative of the positive and constructive feedback! Thank you very much for the great things you've said over the years. Our mission first is to exceed your expectations as a web hosting provider. If you have any comments good or bad, please let us know through our Contact Form or just include them when contacting us. DWHS was our name until we changed it to Web Host Pro in 2015.

"I'm just reopening this so that I can quickly say "Thank You" :) I really, honestly appreciate everything you all do."

"Charles, with a company that has had Our Business for several years now, was remarkably fast in response, quick in action to fix my issue and very informative with the assistance that was given; the personal touch that AI Can't Provide. It can be said that this is exactly the reason that we have been happily in business with Webhost.Pro since it's inception."

"Thank you Web Host Pro Support Team so much <3 Wish you have a good day -AT-"

'Hi Charles, Noted. Thank you for your great support! Will consider again for my future projects. Thanks"

"That seemed to work. It even auto fixed the wordpress links. I just have to fix a couple graphic links and it will be back to normal. Thanks for your help and patience. John"

"Great work!!!!!!! Thank you very much for the Space Speed!!! :-) Best Regards"

"I have been very pleased with your service over the past 10 years. :-)"

"Thank you very much . You are the best web hosting company that I know."

"For the record, I think you all offer a great product, and great service -- especially dealing with folks like me who only know enough to make us dangerous. Have a great day,"

"I bought my first domain in 2005 and trusted DWHS to host my shared server. I've been with you guys through the acquisition and my business has scaled to running a dedicated server. There are plenty of other hosting choices I could go with but with guys like Charles Y on your team, I will stay here. I have had plenty of hiccups and have been a straight asshole to the team there and they maintain and help me get it right. You guys always go above and beyond. That's why I stay with WebHost Pro. You guys are awesome! One Love"

"Thank you very much for your prompt response and fixing the problem so quickly. Kind Regards, Andy :)"

"Awesome, thank you for your help! Everything is working great."

"Thank you as always! You are always super helpful. Thank you again!"

"Thank you very much. I Also would like to say thank you again for all your help in this matter. I appreciate the time you have spent in helping me. Have a good day, and stay healthy."

"Thank you so much for your attentive & timely response to my need of support request. It's been such a very long time since I've experienced such superbly professional dedicated client support. As your client i am very much impressed and happily shocked to have found such an awesome customer-oriented service provider. At the same time I'm extremely thrilled with your outstanding quality of reasonably priced services. Your support has truly made me feel like I am a valued VIP client and I very much look forward working with your services to grow our B2B relationship, as i watch my venture flourish. Have a wonderful evening and once again thank you for your time. 2021

"We're back where we should be again ... Thank you! Every time the discussion starts about relocation, I point out we will never get the level of support and understanding from any other hosting service"

"Hi Charles, I have been using WebHostPro for two years, I am impressed, very good service (uptime and server speed). Thanks!"

"Excellent! I will keep an eye on any additional emails and will add to the blocked list. Thanks. Good night!"

"I'll try that, thanks. btw you guys rock :)"

"You all are always helpful and pretty fast with service requests. I appreciate you all!"

"It's like a miracle. It worked hard to find you. Thank you very much. The site was created. Best BEST BEST, VERY Tanx"

"You see all these other web hosting companies out there on a regular basis, but companies like Web Host Pro for example don't really get the attention at least in my opinion that you deserve. With everything you've done not just for me directly but as a company with the plans you have for the prices. Everything you have set right now and yeah when you have Minecraft Servers up that will bring a lot of attention to you, as the trend for Minecraft Servers keep rising people are going to want to look for the best deal possible. You've been around since 1998 and still going strong as it is. It is honestly companies like you that I believe in, honestly."

"You fixed it very quickly than. Keep up the great job, I'll remain a happy customer!"

"Thank you very much for your assistance! I love the service you provide!"

"Yeah that did it haha! Thanks so much for your help!"

"Thanks so much for your amazing services and time!"

"Your answer has helped me a lot. Now I have the nameserver adapted and it runs as planned :) Great service and support !!! I'm glad to have chosen Web Host Pro"

"Thank you! I really appreciate you even more now than ever. Sincerely, thank you!!!"

"As always, Thank you! You are always a pleasure to deal with. Have a great Day"

"Great, many thanks for sorting this :) I've set up the automatic back up and will check it tomorrow to see it has backed up. Thanks again for you help, Kind Regards, Adam."

"Thank you for everything, five star review left on your facebook."

"Thank you, Dana! I like you guys! Usually really good with customer service. Mike"

"Thank you. I think everything is on track now. You all are actually easier to work with than any other hosting company I've used. I've gone through a few before I found you guys."

"Thank you Dana, for the quick help and the good tips. I'm glad because my web pages are up and running again soon. Best regards"

"Thank youuuu! I am beyond happy!!

"I can't thank you enough. That was easy and simple. Seriously, you made my day because I was worried this was going to be complicated and an advance website update that I am not an expert at. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"

"iHope this message finds you in great spirits...

I just ordered a hosting plan with & I am completely stoked about doing business with this company...
Why? Because the price point i received my hosting at, and as soon I logged in to the back office I see you all were offering a discount to fiverr users. Looks like the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Peace & Love."

"It's been a great year hosting with you guys. WebHost.Pro has been the best"

"Thanks you for the fast service and for all. Nora"

"Thank you! Your help has been invaluable, as usual!!! I SO APPRECIATE IT."

"Thank you so much for all your support during the last passed year... i will recommend you to all my friends."

"I already gave you a really positive review of the two sites you asked me, but for me you guys are a breath of fresh air. Finally a affordable provider with all the access I need as a professional developer. I've been doing this for 17 years and you guys are the first to offer this quality for this price. Before it was either cheap providers with no access of expensive VPS with all the access, but I had too little knowledge to maintain the VPS. As you can see with my account, I'm slowly moving all my websites to you and I'm telling friend to join too."

"The service you do provide is excellent and like I have stated before I will and I have recommended your service to others that I know."

"Thanks Daniel, all working now! Have a super awesome day :-)"

"Thank u for going that extra mile for me"

"I want to thank you for your reliable support and care of my site"

"5* service ever. Thanks sir. Now I approved to transfer. Thanks."

"Just a comment about your service. I am very pleased. CPanel is great. The Easy Site Builder is.. wowow. I have had web sites before.. yours is the best."

"Brilliant, that's great, thank you for sorting this out so quickly for me...."

"Thanks you're awesome!!!"

"You have always been very responsive. I appreciate that. Keep up the good work!"

"Thanks very much you always been a great help. Have a great day."

"Perfect. Now it works. Thank you for fixing that so quickly."

"thanks you very much . nice service"

"Thanks so much. Been with you guys for years now.. this is why."

"Thank you very much, as always! I appreciate your level of security. John"

"I wish to thank you for you great 'support' as ever. Warm regards"

"Thank you very much for the help. You folks have amazing customer service, I'm always impressed, thanks. :) - Chris"

"I wanted to say I am very pleased with WebhostPro and your service. I am not going anywhere."

"And this is one of the reasons I love you guys service"

"Thank you guys for fast and effective work! Have a great day!"

"Thank you for your services! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"Thank you very much. Greaaat :)"

"As always, Thank you very much Charles!"

"Thank you! I love my hosting provider. You guys are great. :) "

"Okay, thank you very much for your support, you are amazing! Thanks again!"

"Thank you very much for all your help, absolutely brilliant service as usual, outstanding. If you ever need a customer testimonial just ask."

"Outstanding! :-)
Thank you, Charles, for prepping me on getting the "secret codes" from GoDaddy! That sure made it a lot easier, and the "help-chat operator" rolled right over for me. Thanks again, John"

"I want to thank you! I`m glad that i use your hosting. Its cheap and good."

"Thank you for your prompt response. Was much faster that I thought that it would"

"Awesome, you are genius, so fast! Thank you"

"Again, awesome :) I really appreciate your customer support. Top notch!"

"I just changed servers over to you and tested download speed and its fantastic on my end. hopefully it will be the same on my customer's end. thanks so much, you guys rock!!! thx so much !!!"

"I would like to end by saying thank you for your excellent website hosting service. It has been a privileged year using it and I will use it again soon."

"Hi, I have a number of domains with Siteground that I would like to transfer here, because your service is much better"

Many thanks for your support! Everything is now working perfectly well! Best regards -Disability Council

"All right, thanks for all. I like the way so fast that you response to me, THANKS"

"Thanks for the quick fix!"

"awesome that worked, thanks!"

"You guys are fast, amazing!"

"I would like to thank you. I know I had been a little overwhelming the last couple days because I was caught in a bind and needed to get my site up in a hurry. Now everything is up and running again with and I am impressed by how quickly it all happened. I want to thank you with your help in all that I feel confident that I made the right choice to switch to"

"You guys are so helpful I always recommend you whenever people ask for a good hosting site. It's great."

"Hello, This is just to say Thank you we appreciate your great help."

"Your helpful attitude, even to a microscopic account like mine, is why I love DWHS."

"I sincerely appreciate everything you guys do and will highly recommending you to anyone with hosting needs "

"Just wanted to say thank you for all you have done. I really appreciate it and the page is working fine under .com. Still say your about the best host around!"

"Again thank you for such a speedy reply! I always recommend you because of this."

I can't even remember when I signed up but it's been over 10 years. Great service and always helpful with my less then normal questions. I recommend them to all my friends.

I've been with webhostpro for 10 years now and I can't say enough good things about them! Their customer service is amazing and I LOVE working with Charles. He's my IT Guru for a reason. Run don't walk to Webhostpro...they're the best in the business!

I have been a customer of for almost a decade now. Their service has been impeccable. Their response time, is immediate and downtime has been almost nil. I have recommended them to my friends and clients; and I recommend them to you.

"Thank you especially for such a fast respond I praise you guys so much for your customer service and though things happen I can always rely on your service."

"Thank you for the help. Anytime I have sent an email with a problem you are very quick to respond and fix the problem or advise me how to fix it.
Thanks Again"

"Thank you so much for your help. With you assistance and tech support I was able to get my website up and running. Your quick reply enabled me to make the necessary corrections on my end to be able to upload my information without any problems."

"Thanks for all your help. I like your hosting interface."

"Thank you. As always you have my full support and testimony regarding your great service."

"Again Thank you so much for all you help and support. You continue to be greatly appreciated!!!"

"YOU GUYS RULE!!! (I gotta beat some sense into the CEO's head about hosts)"

"Your Service is GREAT! It is much better than GoDaddy and a lot less confusing. Their interface was confusing to me and I won't ever be using them, unless no other choice. I'll be moving my other website to your hosting next month."

"I like your company because most of the time the service is good the price is affordable and the support is amazing"

"There was no problems, u did a good job, and if I ever need hosting I will be in touch ty"

"thank you. your guys indeed great! excellent service. I am glad I host with you guys."

"I appreciate the quick response, will definitely recommend your company to all of my associates."

"I'm ready to expand and you fees are quite reasonable and your customer service is excellent! "

"Thank you all for the wonderful support! I'll be sure to recommend you and use you in the future. Thanks :)"

"Thanks for taking care of that for me. As always impeccable service,"

"I like your site here it is better layout then go daddy:) more logical. with godaddy too much flashy content; one easily is lost in the woods:P i was becoming very sad at the lack of effort of many to be simply clear and logical in layout design. but this is a very good example of what hosting should be:)"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are a rock god. I appreciate your quick attention to this matter."

"Fantastic - it works!! You are amazing, thank you very much. It is much appreciated. You are stars!! Kind regards, Paul"

"You are a great company and service, will recommend you via word of mouth."

"Ok, i would like to submit the following kaizen to the chiefs over at
GIVE LOU A RAISE! This guy has always been great help. Well, his email often says Susan? So...Give Susan the Raise. Hell have em split it. "

"Good work, and I appreciate your timely responses to my tickets. Love this service.
Fetch 13 "

"admin, please be advised my trouble tickets are closed, resolved, and I am a happy person.
I had done unspeakable things to my account. deleted files, pulled off wings, all kinds of idiot-like behavior. After a few minutes online chatting with LOU (my hero) all my problems were fixed. He had to rebuild the entire account from scratch apparently, so... Here\'s to you, LOU!


"Thanks again for all your help. James Meeks"

"Wow, I was away for a bit and every problem seems to be corrected!
Thanks to you and all at DWHS!"

"Checked it out, works great - thanks. Your ongoing support is very much appreciated. Regards,

"You hosting appears to be the most straightforward and efficient I have used."

"No problem at all. I've had service with you before and this is exactly why I'll keep coming back. You guys have the quickest and most efficient service in town! I clicked the link and made the payment. You folks have a great week."

"Your service is outstanding. You offer the greatest prices around. I will definitely use your service in the future. Keep up the good work."

"YOU FOLKS ARE AMAZING. I run a technical services division of ADP (Fortune 20) and our help desk could take lessons from you people. You are fast in responding (Rule 1 in support) and appear to be more than willing to help out. Thank you."

"I would like to upgrade to the next level. I was not sure if I would like your hosting service but I wish I had known about you guys sooner, I like the way you have things setup and how easy you make everything."

"Thanks a ton ;) That was quick and fast service from your end :) "

"Thank you, that's good to know. You folks at DWHS are just on point & queue with customer service."

"I have to say that DWHS is the best hosting service I've used and I've tried quite a few. You're customer service and support are outstanding and problems have been few and far between. My thanks to DWHS!"

"Thank you so much for your help during this process, as always, your efficiency and skill are top notch! "

"You are awesome! Thanks for such speedy service!
Eric "

"Thanks :)
you are very fast,
i thank you for a quick reply and good service :)"

"Thanks Charles.
I'm new to your hosting company. I didn't know you already had such a quick and beautiful solution.
Thank you!!!!!!"

"Thanks a ton!!!

I will always use DWHS!!!

-Grant "

"Hi, i'd just like to say a big thank you to your team, i have now added my three email accounts and they all work. it was so easy as well.....with help from yourselves. when i decided to go with DWHS it was a big decision for me having never had domain or hosting before, i'm well pleased i chose yourselves and would recommend you anytime. many thanks from a very pleased customer.

thanks Bryan"

"Thank you. I just want you to know that I had been hassling with another registrar for over a day on getting this done, and you did it in five minutes, and confirmed everything, and let me pay with an echeck, and you know, it is really great to find a wonderful service provider who solves my problems, and get things done, and thank you very much, and if you are ever in my neck of the woods, give me a call, and I will buy you a beer..."

"Great price for your advanced plan I can't wait to get started"

"Thanks for the quick response everything is great"

"Thank you, I've had some bad experiences but you guys have made it simple and your support has been great."

"Your service is great and I would recommend it to anyone!"

"Thank you, You guys have the cheapest hosting I have came across I hope to be doing long time future business with you!"

"Thank you for your quick response and assistance..."

"These guys are all stars"

"Thanks for the prompt reply!"

"Thank you so much, Do you guys have an affiliate program, I would love to do it for you, I found the best deal with you."


"I truly wish that all of the other people I've been e-mailing to get assistance would reply as quickly as you always have. I'm sure that you personally provide some of the best support around just based on that fact alone."

"Hi Charles, thanks for the info and also wanted to tell you that you do a great job, give me your bosses e-mail and I will let him know you need a salary increase."

"Thanks a lot for all of your help!!"

"I can't appreciate the help enough. You will definitely
Be mentioned on the site."

"Thank you for the quick response"

"Excellent that's fast service I'm impressed"

"This offer sounds great! :) I would start the account right away"

"Thanks for all your help in getting me up and running."

"Thank you for all your help I am very satisfied with your service
by far better than the one I used previously."

"Thank you very much for your help this company has very good support. Thanks again"

"You guys are great! You save my butt.... The sites that are uploaded are already showing up. Thanks so much!"

"That's great. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
best wishes"

"I am impressed with the service so far . I will start referring customers to you guys."

"you guys are responding great!!! VERY impressive... "

"Again thanks for the info, you guys are really quick to respond to questions and problems its GREATLY APPRECIATED. THANKS MISS1111"

"We have visited your website, it's great! Nice services, good design,
affordable prices."

"I am very impressed by your packages"

"great! I have been yanking my hair out trying to find a place that will let
me build an adult site! Charles was very helpful with my questions, and I
really look forward to doing business with you!"

"Thank you for all your help I am still very satisfied with your service
by far better than the one I used previously."

"Wow, you guys r on top of things. Thanks soo much..."

"To better explain cancellation of service I am no longer in need of hosting at this time. The service provided was excellent, will do business again in the future."

"I would like to thank Lou for his quick response and correction of the problem. "

"All working now, you are the best thanks"

Testimonials submitted from customers by there own will:

"I have used a number of hosting companies over the past few years and I have NEVER had such awesome tech support. Most of the time I wait for hours to get a ticket handled and your crew took are of it extremely fast. So fast I was SHOCKED.
I will recommend that ALL of my clients consider changing to your hosting service.
Thank you for your time,"
Jr LaFarge

"DWHS Hosting Rocks this is the best hosting company ever by far i tried many but when i came here the support staff and the Admin shown me great kindness and support and help me every step of the way and provided for me and my site i strongly and highly recommend this hosting for anyone big or small they are Awesome and Kick ass Hands down
Thank you so much"
National Swingers Club

"Needless to say, this activity is my only source of income, it is running very nicely and I hope to keep it running with the collaboration of DWHS which is a great value in the hosting industry (I am in this business since 1997 and have been working with 3 hosting companies before you and I have never met before this high standing of service)."

"I can say without doubt that you have a great service and anyone that joins will be thankful. I have recommended three fellow webmasters and they love you guys too. I just wanted to say thanks" Holly Devon

"Thanks guys you are very professional and proficient I feel good knowing my site is in your hands." Jay

"Holy shit you guys are good, customers are e-mailing me just to say how much faster my content is loading." - Tim E

"This company is great. It is like 15 or 20 bucks for the starter account, which is the absolute rock-bottom for a company which hosts Adult content. You get lots of storage, lots of bandwidth, a full Linux shell, and a really nice Control Panel which you can do just about everything with: Cron jobs, HTML editing, Counter creation, detailed graphical web logs, etc. The service is incredible: you will get replies within minutes, you'll even get personal reminders from the techies when you are reaching your bandwidth: Unbelievable!!" - T Leyden

"I can't thank you enough for the continued support your company has provided me. DWHS has more to offer than any other company I investigated and all at very reasonable prices. The search engine placement has been excellent and the options of services (to numerous to mention here) superb. There's no need go any where else! I am so satisfied that, not only may you use this testimonial but I have included my personal e-mail address for anyone needing additional assurance." - Phil Slover From Palm Beach Gardens Fl.

"DWHS is the best web hosting company, if you want truly the best you should contact them. I have been with them for years and there has been no downtime and the support is the best. I have used hostrocket and earthlink and DWHS is far better... " - Jake Burns

"Thank you very much.

Over the last couple of years I have dealt with several hosting companies. None of them were as competent as you guys are. Your customer service is, by far the best I have experienced in the hosting industry.

Again Thank you and keep up the good work"
- Quinton

"You guys are the BEST! I did what you mentioned and it worked like a charm... Thanks again. I tell everyone I know to host with you guys because you are the best!"
- Have a good day. - Michael

"No, thank you!!!
You guys are far the best host,...I'm switching 2 more of my domains your way. You are soo much better than godaddy."

"I just want to say after 4 years you have been great over and over, I'm so glad my friend turned me on to you. Thanks!" -Animal Life Organized Protection

"Since our partnership with DWHS we have seen more positive feedback from our new websites loading speed. The support is always great and personable. Feel free to post this on your website, we think your great!"
-OC Focus

"Thanks! I love DWHS :) If you ever need a customer testimonial, just ask!"

We recently moved a site from a well known hosting company who didn't seem to be interested in helping us by installing FFMPEG.

We came across DWHS on a forum, made some enquiries and found them to be very helpful. FFMPEG was no problem and the hosting fees were very reasonable.

The site was moved over and when we had a couple of issues Charles at DWHS was there to help smooth things out with immediate skype help!

That's unheard of in these days of automated answers and very useful when you are working to a deadline and need to get a site online.

Very happy I found DWHS.


The hosting service has been excellent! I have lost my job and I am trying to cut some costs. Since this is a site I use for fun I need to shut it down for now. Once I find another job I will get another one from your guys. You guys are by far one of the best hosting companies I have ever used.

A many thanks for your fast and excellent help and service!

Awesome! Thank you so much for helping me out and I appreciate all you've done! Have a great day, everything is working perfectly.

Thank you so much for fixing the problems
I am truly grateful for all your hard work and support.

You guys are totally awesome! Thank u so much and whoever I know is looking for a great webhosting I'll definitely refer to u.

Thank you.. You are best network I found ever.. Thanks

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