Web Host Pro Banners

Banners may be updated yearly. In this process, the older banners are removed from our cloud streaming location. If you want to use a banner that is no longer available, you would need to download it and host it on your website before it's removed. We do not keep previous banners publicly. You can choose between .png or .webp banners, just change the extension when linking. We have both file types available in the same streaming location for each image.

Banner year: 2024

Link to URL: https://webhostpro.com/ | Logos can be found here | How to add a banner tutorial

WordPress HTML widget code:

Web Host Pro

<p><a href="https://webhostpro.com/" target="_blank"><img src="https://hotlink.webhost.pro/banners/cloud/300x250.webp" alt="Web Host Pro" /></a><br></p>


Web Host Pro

<p><a href="https://webhostpro.com/"><img src="https://hotlink.webhost.pro/banners/cloud/728x90.webp" alt="Web Host Pro" width="728" height="90"/></a></p>


Web Host Pro

<p><a href="https://webhostpro.com/"><img src="https://hotlink.webhost.pro/banners/cloud/468x60.webp" alt="Web Host Pro" width="468" height="60"/></a></p>


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